Following a rigorous analysis process, the International Coach Federation (ICF) has released an updated ICF Core Competency model that is to be officially implemented in accredited coach training programs during early to mid 2021. The updated model reflects the collective insights and wisdom shared by coach practitioners through this comprehensive research initiative.

As of February 1st, 2021, Erickson’s has incorporated the updated Core Competencies into all three of The Art & Science of Coaching programe paths namely the Erickson Solution-Focused Coach Diploma, Certification and the Qualification paths. This means any new series of Modules that began on or after that date are now explicitly training the updated model.

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Erickson is proud to incorporate the updated model as much of it reflects the essential elements and methods taught in our coach training programs that we have developed over the course of three plus decades of practice, feedback and research.  We believe our coach training standards are one of the highest in the world and that the coaching model we teach exceeds the minimum criteria set out by the ICF.

With this updated model, the ICF aims to address the global shifts in coaching since the initial release of the Core Competencies in 1998. The ICF reached out to subject matter experts in the coaching field, including many practicing Erickson-trained coaches, to discover how the field has evolved and how the core competencies can be improved. From the existing 11 Core Competencies, the ICF has applied this analysis and refined it into 8 Core Competencies that streamline, enhance and provide a more cohesive, succinct list of the fundamental competencies of the coaching process.

The core themes that came out of the ICF’s research and provided a basis for the updates are:

  • That ethical behaviour and confidentiality are paramount
  • Expansion of the coaching agreement (organizational, overall client engagement, session)
  • Enhancement of the partnership concept – client has an equal voice in the process, and there is mutual accountability for coach and client. The coach is accountable for the coaching process, the client is accountable for their own growth.
  • The concept of professional development & reflective practice
  • The integration of client context and culture. This includes their family structures, values, beliefs, and past experiences. Looking at the client from a holistic view.